Holi – celebrating new beginnings

Holi is about new beginnings. This ritual signifies burning of inner demons of negative thoughts, hatred, jealousy, enmity and revenge. Holi is one of the most colourful Hindu festivals. Also known as the ‘festival of colours’. It signifies the triumph of good over evil. It’s the day to forgive and make peace with everyone around us. Holi also marks the arrival of spring, beginning of harvest season and the end of winter.

India, Northern Deccan or Bikaner, early to mid-18th Century

Lost in colours
Jyotsna Pippal has been working as an artist for about 4 years now. Her interest in ancient folk arts of India has piqued her curiosity into knowing more about foraging and making pigments and paints from natural resources. The process of making paints from the found treasures of the earth has been very enthralling. It is quite a mindful and transformative process that has immensely enriched her life. She is on a journey not only to live a conscious and sustainable life but also to align those values with her creative art practice. Lost in colours is a place for her to share her learnings, knowledge, and perspectives, and also to learn from others.

Making your own organic Holi colours
For Holi Jyotsna shared her DIY organic colour recipes on her website.
Make each day of your life a festival. Fill beautiful colours in it and live it to the fullest.

Happy Holi!

Powdered Hibiscus flowers

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Jyotsna Pippal
Jyotsna Pippal