Collaboration with Sakshi

Hi, I am Sakshi Malhotra, a product and graphic designer from India. I am currently based in Germany. Since childhood I always had an inclination towards playing with various craft materials and have always loved to create artistic-utility products in my past-time. Gradually my interest grew into a passion and I decided to take my career to a professional level. In
2014 I pursued my masters in craft design at Indian Institute of Crafts and Design, India.

In the past few years, I have been engaged in various experimental and innovative design fields. My areas of interests and experiences include interior lighting and decor, stationery, jewelry designing, store designing, leather accessories, packaging design and paper products using various materials intrinsic to India’s rich craft culture. I am motivated to create a more sustainable future in a contemporary design market.

Recently, I started a collaboration with TF in order to develop visibility on social media platforms and coordinate communication strategies and campaigns to further build and strengthen new tactics in the market.