Bernice Aalders runs studio bis which is specialized in decorative design. The designs are distinctly outspoken & full of fine detail created for multiple disciplines like fashion, interior design and architectural application.

After studying a year of architecture at the Technical University Delft in 1996 Bernice decided to follow her intuition to create handmade while keeping an eye on the industry. Bernice studied fashion design at ArtEZ University of the Arts in Arnhem where she graduated in 2003. The career in fashion and interior design that followed made many diverse stops at Dutch couture houses, interior design brands and ready-to-wear labels.

Parallel to this timeline Bernice founded studio bis which is her creative playground in accessories and graphics. Because of the experience in both prêt-à-porter and interior design this results in a diverse range of designs: from accessories made with environment-friendly produced leather and industry remnants, to
fashion garments, illustrations and for the biggest part in textiles and surface patterns for the worlds of interior and fashion.

Bernice was commissioned by Textiel Factorij and for the rhapsody INdigo project she teamed up with (her friend) Dorothee Hagemann from Berlin.