Lipika Bansal




Lipika Bansal is founder of Textiel Factorij. She is an artistic researcher & social designer. With her work she investigates art and craft cultures of India and the Netherlands, it’s heritage, origin and local significance.

Lipika’s practise is based on theory, oral traditions, and fieldwork. She uses co-creation and artistic research methodologies, such as (digital) storytelling – and writing with a focus on design for empowerment and change. Lipika’s work is cross-disciplinary by nature, involving experts from all disciplines, ranging from artists, designers, craftspeople, makers, starters, amateurs, biologists, scientists. Their expertise represents a way of looking at the world, which enriches the work, based on local knowledge, local materials and reciprocity.

She also developed a kids label, named Mumby in collaboration with Sufiyan Khatri and Varun Pitchuka.
Lipika graduated with a Master in International Communications and Science & Technology Studies from the University of Amsterdam. Next to her practice she occasionally teaches at Dutch art academies.