In her work, Malou van der Molen investigates her surroundings as an archaeological explorer. She collects stories from social twists, contradictions and materials and transforms this into a visual pattern story. These stories tell us something about our time and give a reflection on the labyrinth of modern life. She has been working as an artist and designer in her studio in Amsterdam since she graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy (TXT).

Blue Shelter

Blue Shelter started with cutting lose the stiches of clothing, laying the patterns in a different order and creating new shapes. The shapes form a metaphor for freeing the body and mind from restrictions. No cutting, no stiches, to save us from being captured in measures that are meant for everybody but fits to no one. Draping, folding and wrapping as an act to restore the balance between our mind, body and environment. Inspired over time and space from ancient Greece to the nomadic people of the dessert, we are all connected.