Master weaver


Rajiben, hailing from a weaver’s family, has set up a collective with women in her village. Together, they collect, wash, and sort plastic waste, hand-spin it, and weave it into beautiful, colorful design and customized products. It is with the help from her daughter and sister she started her own work of weaving with discarded plastic. 

Over the last years they used up around 200.000 kilos of plastic. It gives her immense pleasure to keep working on something that created such an obvious impact on the environment. Everywhere the women go, they pick it up to ensure it doesn’t harm the surroundings. Rajiben has also motivated the women in her village to stop burning or throwing these plastics away and instead give them for recycling. 

The colours of the products show which colour plastics can be found mostly in the region. Rajiben’s speciality is blending of traditional weaving techniques with modern styles. This exquisitely crafted collection focuses on bold colours and textures.  The result is spectacular, durable, and sustainable.