Master artisan Kirit Chitara soon arrives in the Netherlands

by Apoorva Nanjangud


The Magnificance of Mata ni Pachedi

It is safe to say that the conception of ancient Indian arts were deeply rooted in societal norms and practices or often also, the emancipation from these very norms and practices. An example of this is the traditional painting style of Mata ni Pachedi that started as a step to make temple visitations inclusive to the marginalized communities, particularly the Vaghari tribes. Emerging in Gujarat, this style of traditional painting dates back to over three centuries and continues to hold sacred meanings within its depictions. Typically, Mata ni Pachedi art form is hallmarked by the presence of the ‘Mata’ or goddess at the center, surrounded by motifs carrying narratives from everyday life. What started as a means to create access for these marginalized communities, has now become one of the important facets of Indian tangible and in-tangible cultural heritage. We are excited to bring this Indian traditional folk art to the Netherlands! With Master artist Kirit Chitara, arriving from India on the 20th September, we at Textiel Factorij are proud to organize a series of interactive events with him and inspire people to engage with their aesthetic sensibilities.

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Join us in learning from Master artisan Kirit Chitara

On the 21st of September, we have a workshop and demonstration of this technique at the IIAS. Kirit Chitara will also be visiting Rijksmuseum depot on the 23rd of September for an observation and interactive session. On the 24th and 25th of September, we have exciting masterclasses lined up at the Ambacht in Beeld Festival. This masterclass will provide a hands-on approach to the Mata ni Pachedi art form, and allow you to proudly take your artwork home. During his busy tour, Kirit will be visiting the Depot Tropenmuseum on the 27th September where he will be interviewed in relation to Kirit’s great grandfather’s Mata ni Pachedi art display in their collection! Indeed, such collaborations enlighten us about the overlaps between artistic traditions of the east and west, in particular the pervasive cultural relations between India and the Netherlands. Accordingly, on the 1st October, we have organized a workshop with Kirit and 5 other illustrators with distinct styles in collaboration with Illustratie Ambassade to celebrate such overlaps. Finally, on the 2nd of October we are inviting local Amsterdam-based artists to join a workshop at NDSM-Fuse with a three-day exposition with Kirit’s artwork displayed at the venue.

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