To dye for

Textiles are everywhere and are always dyed. The TextielMuseum presents ‘To Dye For’, an exhibition that lets visitors delve into the origins of and stories behind the dyes in our textiles, based on old and new art, fashion and design. 

Textile dyes have an immense impact on human and environmental health. In the exhibition you can explore the different dyeing techniques and challenges which come with it. The exhibition presents a wide range of fashion, art and design objects with dyed or coloured textiles. Also, Antonio Jose Guzman and Iva Jankovic continue their collaboration with Sufiyan Khatri, which showcase their collaborative efforts in the exhibition. 

The exhibition, which takes red, blue and yellow as its starting point uncovers the world behind colour sources and dyeing techniques in different countries and periods, based on an art, fashion and design.

Developing a collection

For this specific exhibition I developed naturally dip-dyed scarves for the museumshop of Textielmuseum.  Together with Jabbarbhai we developed scarves, handwoven in soft cotton in beautiful colours.

The four delicate botanically dyed, dip-dye scarves are dyed with madder, peels of pomegranate, turmeric and liverwort, indigo, iron, peels of the pomegranate, turmeric and cherry plum.

Wear them, don’t eat them!