About TF

About Textiel Factorij

Textiel Factorij (TF) is a vehicle, through which designers, artists and artisans collaborate with each other on a grassroots level. By understanding each other’s needs, requirements, working methods, cultures you learn from each other and exchange knowledge. Together you take time and have the attention to experiment, try, fail, understand and create.

The collaboration between designers and artisans leads to new insights and methods. Both work on an equal level and are involved in the creative thinking and making processes. This creates space for experiment and play. They understand about each other’s culture and gain insight into local customs. Moreover, they learn about each other’s history and heritage, meaning of the local visual language, patterns, motifs and techniques.

Designers learn the possibilities and impossibilities of the techniques and artisans learn to look at their techniques from a different angle, creating tension in the interaction. Through knowledge exchange based on reciprocity, interchange of perceptions and making processes, something unique evolves.

Our Cultural and Educational Program

Artistic research and exhibitions

TF conducts research on Indian arts, crafts and heritage. New artists and designers approach TF to develop prototypes with craftspeople. TF connects them to artisans to experiment with new techniques, materials and approaches. The results are exhibited in museums.

Research crafts and techniques

TF works with various craft communities across India, such as; block printers (using natural and pigment dyes), block carvers, tie & dye artists, mata ni pachedi artists, carpet weavers, weavers (wool, cotton, silk) and embroiderers. If you are looking for a specific technique, TF conducts research and finds you a suitable match.

Heritage products

TF represents various craftspeople from India and helps them to sell their products. The products are developed with century old techniques. Products can also be custom-made per requirement of the customer. The products are made with quality materials and are beautifully designed and characterized by excellent craftsmanship. TF supplies heritage products to (museum)shops, boutiques, hotels and fashion houses. 

Lectures and events

We are occasionally invited to give presentations, lectures and organize workshops about our work and are always happy and eager to continue sharing our knowledge, research outcomes, responses and results via gatherings, conferences and events. The Crafts Council, Zijdewinkel, Handwerk zonder Grenzen, Kostuumvereniging, Metier, ModeMuze, State of Fashion, TextilePlus and Vezel follow us and write about our activities. In addition, all participating designers, artists and craftspeople and partner organizations share our collaboration through their own channels. 

Lipika also develops custom-made workshops and lectures on Indian art and craft cultures.  For more information please send as an inquiry. 


Masterclasses in India

TF connects artists, designers, students to Indian craftspeople and designers. Various options are possible. Some are interested in learning a particular skill / craft. They can apply for a masterclass and exchange knowledge with artisans. It is also possible for art and design schools to set up a collaboration with TF. Accordingly, they can visit and collaborate with the craft communities.

Internship program

We are always on the lookout for curious, talented interns. We are a small, dynamic team based in The Netherlands and India. We have an inspiring, open work environment, with the possibility to initiate and implement your own ideas and expand your network. You gain experience in the creative sector where art, design, craft and business meet.  Do write us a note if you are interested in an internship position with us. 

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