Colourful Collaborations

We are thrilled to announce that TF and COLVILLE have entered into an  exciting collaboration. We have found common grounds and values. Colville is the antithesis of fast fashion. The co-founders use their love of contrasts to create pieces with longevity and individuality. Our mutual love for crafts and the value for artisans’ skills is what brought us together. For SS22 TF developed handwoven cushions covers with master weavers from Haryana. 


Making process

Together we created cushion covers bursting with colour with master weavers from Haryana. They apply hand-dyed and hand-teased yarn on custom-made looms. The weavers’ speciality is blending of traditional weaving techniques with modern styles. This exquisitely crafted collection focuses on chic, with bold colours and textures.  The result is spectacular, durable, soft, and beautiful. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind, so small imperfections add an intrinsic value to the cushion cover, a charming symbol of handmade originality.


The product

Tufted with soft plush cotton by the weavers, the rectangular Bauhaus cushion is an artist statement for your home combining beautiful colour blocking with bold shades. Staying true to its Bauhaus name, form follows function: long enough to properly sink into, the cushion is incredibly tactile and filled with super soft pure wool stuffing.