Haute Bordure

Exhibition on embroideries at Fries Museum, Leeuwarden

The exhibition Haute Bordure shows that embroidery is of all times and for everyone. In the exhibition you can marvel at four centuries of handmade embroidery in Dutch fashion Haute Bordure. From a spectacular catsuit by Jan Taminiau – stitched from head to toe with sequins – to gold-threaded shoes from 1620, and from rustling roaring twenties dresses to 18th century men’s cardigans with meticulously embroidered details. A must-visit for fashion lovers and textile fans.  

Ensemble uit de collectie L’Image Tranquille bestaande uit catsuit, cape Image & copyrights CMU/ Ernst Moritz 2014-12-02

From mother to daughter

In this exhibition my sari, which has been passed on to me by my mother is showcased. It is a traditional hand-embroidered sari, using the kantha stitch, made in West Bengal. Kantha saris are traditionally worn by women in Bengal region of the Indian subcontinent.  The sari depicts various scenarios of village life. The exhibition is on till 18 July 2021.

Detail kantha embroidered sari

Top picture: photo credit Fries Museum