Kick-off the Textiel Factorij

We are very happy to announce that our project the ‘Textiel Factorij’ has generously been supported by DutchCulture and Mondriaan Fonds. In January we had our kick-off at the textile department of the Rietveld Academy (TXT) in order introduce our project to upcoming designers and alumni. The project has been received enthusiastically by the TXT department and it’s students and alumni. In March we will be going to India to meet our partners, get acquainted with each other, set up collaborations, understand more about the historical textile trade between India and the Netherlands and identify craft communities.

After our trip we will identify designers, artists and other people interested to participate with us on the Textiel Factorij. The project consists of four phases:

  1. Understanding the semiotics of patterns and motives in traditional costumes and develop a visual language;
  2. Exchange with Indian designers and craft communities in India;
  3. Developing prototypes and designs for the travelling exhibition based on the mutual heritage of India and the Netherlands (chintz, block printing techniques and indigo dyeing techniques) and integrate the stories behind the art using various innovative techniques, such as RFID tags;
  4. Developing the traveling exhibition.

Interested to participate?

If you are interested to join our project, feel free to get in touch with us via You are invited to send us your motivation: why and how you would like to participate with us on the Textiel Factorij. We request you to send us a description of your current work, starting point, assumptions, work methods and in which phase you would like to participate with us. You can choose to join the whole project trajectory or be part of particular phase(s).

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