Fashion designer Anuj Sharma (IND) works mainly in areas of craft development and sustainability. Sharma’s other areas include teaching fashion and understanding human behaviour with the help of fashion. He has previously shown collection in Japan, UK, Sweden, and Bangladesh. He was also a regular at Lakme fashion week in Mumbai.

Anuj Sharma has come up with a unique method to construct clothes without any machine, tools or stitches technique. It is titled Button Masala. The method has led to the Button Masala collection, which has been shown internationally for e.g. as part of the travelling exhibition Connecting Concepts by Dutch design DFA, and part of the exhibition Bliss at the Taiwan design expo 2011. He has taught the technique of Button Masala to over 20000 people across the world.


It is a simple joinery system, which replaces sewing from the clothing or home furnishing. The technique involves only buttons and rubber bands. It is pretty much like tie and dye technique but done with rubber bands. Button masala is a very quick construction method, possibly the cheapest in the world and the greenest for the environment. Each product can be recycled and restructured by simply removing the buttons and putting them in another place. The technique is also used to make carpets, bags, jewelry, shoes and many other useful products. What is nice is that that everyone can use the technique. The technique is easy to be taught and is an open source.

Please have a look at TED X video of Button Masala and also visit button masala page on Facebook to understand its simplicity.

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