Meeta Mastani is an internationally known print/natural dye artist and community development advocate. She works at the intersection of sustainable development, culture, craft, design, arts and retail, expressing herself through different media and helping to generate livelihoods for marginalized communities. She travels India, working with artisans in the area of textiles, folk art, paper, leather and wood.

She has done collaborative work in different parts of the world, and has taught as an artist in residence at UW Madison in the U.S.

Since co-founding the art /craft centered sustainable business- Bindaas Unlimited, she has focused on reinterpreting traditional craft and art for urban and international markets. She lives part of the year in rural Rajasthan where she creates contemporary block prints on textiles and T-shirts with traditional printer communities, reviving and expanding the natural dyeing traditions and creating new designs and techniques. An example of her work was recently displayed in ‘The Fabric of India’ at the Victoria & Albert Museum-London.