Product Design

Product Design

Textiel Factorij aims to be a people centric company which offers and inspires to create sustainable textile products. Our goal is to create and deliver organic products, fashion, home interior and tailormade textiles.

Our vision is to create a peaceful and rhythmic harmony between people and nature to maintain a balanced ecosystem. We are passionate about exploring the natural way of life. Our products are environmentally friendly and at the same time in sync with the current fashion and industry trends.

Handmade textile design
Textiel Factorij is counting customers who value our textile collection, using natural dyes and materials. Our textile collection consists of handwoven and printed fabrics, developed by highly skilled craftspeople of India. TF family has an experience of 40 years in textile sector and mainly sources out textiles from India.
TF works directly with artisan makers, taking all precautions to give the product an exclusive look. We keep in mind the market scenario and create competitive products and fabrics in collaboration with our partners for designers, home interior design, fashion houses, boutiques and hotels.

Product Development

We have more than 40 years of experience working between India and The Netherlands and are aware of the challenges working between cultures. We understand the needs and requirements of the designers and artisans and negotiate on behalf of you taking local cultures and rhythms into consideration.

Textiel Factorij supports artists, designers, and craft communities by setting up small-scale, sustainable production lines. We mediate between fashion houses, boutiques, retailers, artists, designers and craft communities in India. We do this by first understanding your needs and requirements in a conversation. Once we receive your design, we get in touch with various craft communities to develop your product in the most feasible way. We not only sell to individuals but also do wholesale. We are in a unique position, where we can develop and produce your designs.

TF can assist you with the following:

Customized craft research for your designs

  • Research into crafts, techniques and materials based on your requirements
  • Finding suitable craft community for your designs
  • Setting up collaboration with craft community
  • Sampling and costing of your designs

Developing your sustainable design products

  • Briefing your design requirements
  • Handling the making process with artisan community
  • Coordination, communication, translations and follow up with artisans
  • Importing your beautifully handmade products

Cultural sensitivity training

  • Introduction to Indian crafts, culture & regions
  • Collaborating in India
  • Sensitivity training

Workshops by master craftspeople

  • Inviting master craftspeople to give workshops
  • Coordination, communication, translations and assistance during workshop
  • More information on the techniques check out our craft page

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