TF launches Mumby

Textiel Factorij launches Mumby, a sustainable kids label with the mission to establish long-term collaborations with artisans and preserve century-old craft traditions. The makers are: Varun Pitchuka, 3rd generation and Sufiyan Khatri, 9th generation block printers.

a conscious label

While producing our collection we think about the impact on our environment and local communities in India. We consciously choose for small-scale productions, in order to preserve the traditional craft techniques of the communities we work with. Mumby provides fair incomes for many families, raising the standard of living of the entire community and minimizing its environmental and social footprint.

We are excited to bring craftsmanship combined with good design to you

The art of block printing

The art of block printing is a complex, slow process in order to achieve a good result. The entire process consists of 16 different steps: preparing the materials, making dyes, printing the fabric, which is difficult to do neatly. Finally, the last and most beautiful and poetic part of the entire process is the washing of the fabrics in the flowing water. 

vegetable dyes

If you look closely at our patterns, you’ll see that they are not perfect. That’s because our products are hand-printed in India. Our artisans use the block printing art. Our first client is Big & Belg in De Pijp, Amsterdam. We also sell our products via Etsy.